Scholarly Work by Dr. Charles Ashbach

Freud began his journey into the “heart of darkness” of the human personality with his study and understanding of classic Greek myths. When he discovered a pattern that he thought explained the origin of neurotic thought and experience it employed a central mythological story through which to relate this idea to the therapeutic community. The mythic tale was Oedipus Rex and it followed the classic outline as presented in Sophocles’ tragic re-telling. The study of the play and its implications, especially the back-story of the events that led up to the faithful events that brought the tragedy to its fulfillment, holds great value for the thoughtful and experienced therapist.

The study of a cluster of Greeks myth, centering around The Oresteia, The Iliad, The Odyssey and Narcissus hold a great cluster of meaning and practical implications for the practicing therapist. The study of myths and the mythic structures of the mind are important structures that empower a greater appreciation for the holding and containment function of the therapist in the practice of their profession.

Workshops: I offer both in-person and telephone seminars covering the core elements of myths and the implications for the treatment of a broad range of individuals.